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Trinity’s Meditation
20-25 Minute Meditative Practice
Mondays 7:15pm 

Reset Yourself

A 15-20 Minute Get Away Into the Meditative Mind

Please Be Respectfully Quiet As You Enter & Exit


Just 20 minutes of quiet meditation a day can transform your mind which can transform your life.  Doesn't it feel good to Spring clean and remove clutter?  Meditation is the spring cleaning of the clutter of the mind, leaving us with a clearer vision of who we are, who we want to be and how we can live our best life. 
Please practice yoga etiquette while entering as this class is preceded by Gentle Yoga.  Some from gentle yoga are already In a meditative mind and staying for an additional 20 minutes of bliss.
Enter Quietly, Tread Lightly, Do Not Drop but Place Mat Thoughtfully & Quietly
Learn various meditation techniques including mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, chakra balancing, mudras, bandhas, mindful breathing all of which are tools allowing us to enjoy and experience union with self.  
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