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Your Yogini- Shanon

     Yoga came into my life in 1999 as a way to heal after an injury. I was a dancer at the time and thought that yoga would be a great way to stretch and heal my muscles. I walked into a tiny, carpeted, hot room and my world changed forever. I’ve studied Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and sprinkles of Iyengar over the years. However, Vinyasa has my heart! The flow from one pose to the next is a perfect marriage of your body's power and your breath's fluidity. Yoga continues to give me peace and time to disappear from the daily grind.

     Over the years I’ve taught Vinyasa yoga at CrossFit La Mesa, Corepower Yoga, SD Yoga Center and Ginseng Yoga. I also taught kids yoga to the little nuggets at Murdock Elementary. I hope to offer all of my students a safe space to explore all of the strengths that lie within them.  My philosophy is that when we are challenged, we grow. I believe that every human is so beautifully unique and yoga is a life practice. There is no perfect pose because yoga is an endless journey. 

    When I’m not on my mat, you’ll find me with my husband and kids. We’ll be on a dirt trail or near the ocean. 

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