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Awaken Your Inner Strength
Harness the Energy & Strength that Resides Within
Monday • Wednesday • Friday @ 9:15am 
You are stronger than you know!    This class offers many ways to discover, deepen and harness our energy and internal strength. Explanations of the foundation of our poses are offered and explored while being mindful of alignment. Give yourself the opportunity to observe and feel the evolution of our practice and the internal strength our body and our mind from week to week.
This class may use straps and blocks in many of the poses and will focus on developing total body strength that will support your flow.  All Levels Welcome! You will be delicately nudged out of your comfort zone to challenge and strengthen your body, your mind and your spirit. Take rest when you need to; one more breath will get you through.  This is a great choice for those who want to build the foundations of internal strength with asana.
Hatha Yoga
Warrior One
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