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Your Yogini- Robin

The decision to become a yoga instructor emerged from a lifetime of passions. Growing up, gymnastics was my whole world, so finding yoga after college was a natural transition.  The physical practice kept my muscles and joints flexible and strong, while the flow offered me the opportunity for the graceful expression I found in gymnastics.

After graduate school, I began a career in education, teaching students with special needs for 25 years, then moving into management of special education programs in 2013.  During my last eight years in the classroom, I taught weekly yoga lessons to all of the primary students at my school, creating opportunities for children in general and special education classrooms to come together and experience the benefits of yoga.  Observing the powerful physiological and cognitive impact yoga had on all of the students was truly inspiring, so I decided it was time to pool all of my experiences and become a certified yoga instructor.  In 2017, I completed my 200-hour certification at Happy-U Yoga in OB, and have enjoyed teaching ever since.

Over the years, I've found yoga to be so much more than a physical practice alone..  It has helped me stay spiritually centered, while cultivating balance, harmony and peace in my everyday life.  Belonging to the yoga community fills me with gratitude and positivity, and reminds me that showing up in life with good vibes, a kind heart, and a smile wherever I go can send joyous reverberations into the universe.

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