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Your Yogini- Eleña
I began practicing yoga in 2013 when I found myself experiencing body pain at a young age. I was not getting answers or relief from western medicine practices, so I devoted myself to exploring natural methods of healing in order to understand and get to the root of what I was experiencing. Once I began doing yoga, it very quickly proved to be an incredible source of healing in my life on so many levels. 
I believe deeply in having a well-stocked self-care toolbox. For me, the tools I use most are yoga, meditation and mindfulness. These practices have allowed me to understand sources of dis-ease in the body and mind, manage body pain and tension, gain a deeper understanding of self, build physical strength, build self-confidence, connect to a beautiful community, and tap into a sense of inner peace that I hadn’t previously known was possible. I am passionate about all things that contribute to healing, self-awareness, and emotional wellness. My other most cherished self-care tools that complement my yoga practice include exercise, journaling, art, acupuncture, self-massage, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
In 2019, I received my 200-hour Yoga Teacher and Positive Psychology Certification through Happy-U Yoga in Ocean Beach, CA. I strive to teach in a way that is trauma-informed and guided by student intuition. I also believe that our practice should be seen as a form of play and approached with curiosity, meaning never taking ourselves too seriously and remembering to have fun with it.
When I’m not doing yoga, I enjoy drawing, writing, reading, cooking, hiking, camping, and being in nature. I live in El Cajon, California with my husband, dog, and cat. We are expecting our first child - a little boy - in July 2021.
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