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Studio Instructions 

You can park in any of the 7 spots directly behind our building and in any of the spots in the bigger back lot not designated as reserved.  You may also park in any of the ARC spots after 4pm and on weekends.  You may also park on the street in front of the building or in the Bank of America parking lot.


Please enter quietly through the back entrance as a previous class may be in meditation.   


From the back entrance:

Remove your shoes and put them in the coat check room to your left. Bare feet only on the coat check room, meditation waiting room and  practice room floors and check in room floors, please.  The coat check room is the room on the left of the practice room glass door. Please remove your shoes before entering the coat check room.  Please wait with your yoga mat in the meditation room to the right of the practice room door.


Once the practice room door opens, please enter the practice room through the glass door respectfully and patiently to allow an ease in flow and honoring "fellow yogis in zen" as they leave the previous class from the coat check room.


New Clients:

Let the instructor know you are new and give her the Registration Form.  You will need to sign in on the class sign in sheet in the Props/Check In Room under the GATHER HERE sign, each time you come in. Check that you are using a prepaid package if you have a package or Check a drop in, of which you can pay via the website, Check mat rental, if you are renting a mat, of which you can pay via the website.

New Client Registration Form:

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