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Trinity’s Gentle Yoga
A Yin, Restorative and Meditative Focused Practice

Great for Beginners

For Those Who Want A Slower Practice

This Class Is In High Demand Please RSVP

Please practice yoga etiquette while leaving as this class is immediately followed by Meditation.  Some from gentle yoga are already in a meditative mind and staying for an additional 20 minutes of blissful meditation.
Tread Lightly, Gather Your Belongings & Pack Up Quietly Outside.
For the days the body and mind desire a slow approach to asana and a more inward practice. Our gentle practice with blankets, blocks and straps, help support and align the body while in asana, which brings you into the bliss of truly letting go. As you learn the foundations of each posture you will develop flexibility, strength, vitality, harmony and the restorative feeling of a youthful body. Props are provided but if you have you may bring, as we have a limited supply.
Learn various meditation techniques including mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, chakra balancing, mudras, bandhas, mindful breathing while learning the foundations of the reclined, sitting, and kneeling asanas all of which are tools allowing us to enjoy and experience union with self.  
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