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Karma Yoga Projects

It brings Sally great joy to share the teachings of yoga and help in any way she can

T-Shirt Collection for Men's Recovery Center

"Some of the guys come in with just the one shirt on their backs."  Let's give them a fresh change of clothes to help start them on their pathway to recovery at Heartland House.

Jacket Drive for the Homeless

Fall is in the air.  Time to clean the closets and donate your gently used jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts and clean socks!. October 1st through October 15th.

Support the Girls!

In collaboration with the Girl Scouts and The Enchantress Bras & Honey Boutique we collected in August, gently used and even NEW Bras for women and girls in need in our community!  Thank you Ladies for Supporting the Girls!

SD Humane Society Towels, Sheet & Blanket Spring Collection

Thank you for helping  us to collect Towels, Sheets & Blankets for the SD Humane Society April 28th thru May 15th. Spring Time Means The Humane Society & Project Wildlife Needs Us! Click on the link and scroll down to General Supplies to help with more needs.  

Drop Off Location for Food Bank through March 30, 2018

In Partnership with our Fellow Yogis We Accepted Canned and Nonperishable Food Items for the SD Food Bank In March.

Lilac Fire Horse Care Volunteer

Volunteered at Del Mar Fair Grounds to help feed and clean stables of displaced horses as a result of the Lilac Fire.

Junior League of San Diego

Donated funds to the Junior League of San Diego

San Carlos Little League

Donated funds to the San Carlos Little League

San Diego County Office of Education

Donated Funds to the SD County Office of Education

Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

Donated Funds to the Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

Vision of Children Foundation

Donated Funds to Vision of Children Foundation

Children's Growing Center

Donated funds to Children's Growing Center

College Park Pre-School

Donated Funds to College Park Pre-School Auction
Donated funds to help re-build Lake Murray Playground for our community

Navajo Softball

Donated Funds to the Navajo Softball League

Hearst Elementary School

Donated Funds to the Hearst Elementary School Auction
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"So learn to take the position of a giver, in which everything
given by you is a free offering to the world, without any thought of return.
Karma Yoga means:
to be of help to everyone without the thought of return"
Pathways to Joy ~ Master Vivekananda ~
Sally has donated private and group class sessions to support local projects in the community where she was raised and conducts business.
As the teachings and practice of yoga have transformed her life she believes in it's power to be life changing for others.  She feels honored to be able to expose the community to this beautiful practice of transformation.
It is a wonderful gift to witness the initial spark of enlightenment and continued pursuit towards one's own ananda.
Sally has found her ananda "bliss" as a student and teacher of yoga.
Yoga has been a blessing to her and she believes that it can be a blessing to others.
Let Us Do Good
Because it is Good to Do Good
Master Vivekananda~ Pathways to Joy
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