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Your Yogini- Kate
I started practicing yoga as most do, going to my local studio, finding my favorite classes, and seeking out whoever facilitated the best savasana.  In 2017, after a handful of years practicing, I welcomed an opportunity to begin a yoga teacher training that would ultimately change my life forever.  Since 2010, I have worked with adolescents in a mental health capacity in group homes, resource centers, and schools.  These young people have taught me that the ability to be present with our thoughts, feelings, and physical body can be the most restorative, healing, and endlessly empowering gift we could ever give ourselves.  Becoming a yoga teacher has completely transformed my work as a therapist and it has also allowed me to hold space for myself in a way that I never thought possible. 
My most cherished outcome of becoming a yoga teacher was that I learned to intentionally prioritize myself and am now on a journey of radical love and acceptance.  As a yoga teacher, I feel called to share safe, nourishing, and supportive classes that foster a deep connection to the self.  I believe in creating a space where students can investigate their bodies, minds, and souls so that they too can create that space for themselves.  I have always been drawn to the collectiveness of the yoga community because it consistently promotes humility, self-love, and surrender, and is a community that truly cultivates peace. 
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