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This is a new and additional “initial sign-up” on our

“main website” in order for you to “log in”  later & access the secured recorded sessions page

How to Access 
"Om At Home" with Trinity Yoga's 
Library of Recorded Sessions

1. On TY&F Main Page 

✓Click on Person Icon to Create Profile (upper right corner- Create Profile/Log In)

  • ✓Click Sign Up to set up profile and password for first time user

  • Can use the same password that you use on our “KarmaSoft on line scheduling program” password. 


   • ✓Fill Out Info  Your name, email and phone number


  • A system generated confirmation email will be sent to the address you listed upon creating profile.

  • Must CONFIRM this email Go to your email (check junk) and follow instructions to confirm.​

2. If you have an unlimited package go to step 3 

to finalize your permissions to the recorded sessions



2a. If you do not have an unlimited package follow the next few steps to finalize your permissions to the recorded sessions.

On KarmaSoft On-Line Scheduler, which is accessed via any BOOK button on

  • Purchase Recorded Sessions Package Special  to “Om At Home” on your own time with Trinity Yoga

  • Monthly Unlimited (Not GroupOn) Gets All Access to "Om At Home" on your own time & "NamaStay" with our live Virtual and In-Person practices.



3. WAIT FOR SALLY'S EMAIL! Once You have received Sally's email confirming you’ve been granted access to the “Om At Home”  Recorded Sessions Page . . .  you will have permission. I have to manually enter you so it is not instant or automatic. Be patient, working as fast as humanly possible :)

On TY&F Main Page

  • Simply Log In by clicking on “Create Profile/Log In” Icon to log in & access the locked recorded sessions page. 


  • ​​​Drop down arrow next to profile icon allows you to access “my account” which gives you access to modify or update your profile.

Browse our library and continue to “NamaStay” and “Om at Home” with Trinity Yoga on your own time and at your convenience.

✓Gentle      ✓ Restorative       ✓ Shanti     ✓Blended       ✓Chair       ✓CoreFit

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