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Sunrise Yoga 
Perfect Morning Practice to Wake Up With the Earth
Tuesdays 6am • Thursdays 6am
Hatha Yoga
Yoga Class
Pilates Exercise
Poolside Meditation
Iyengar Class
A one hour yoga practice, emphasizing slow and steady stability in each asana. Reap the benefits of an early morning practice and set your day's journey off on a positive note, helping you to ward off the rush and allow things and the pace of living to naturally flow and roll off your back.
We start with pranayama and simple joint movements.  This helps regulate the digestive fire and prepares the body for the day.
Sequences will integrate sun salutations, and a range of balancing, standing and reclining asanas.  The practice will encourage equal attention to strength and flexibility, flow of movement and stillness, the postures and the transitions between them.
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