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Our Philosophy & Mission

An Adult Yoga Studio

Trinity Yoga & Fitness is dedicated to encouraging a lifetime of physical, mental and spiritual fitness and to provide its members with tools to discover their own inner strengths.  The foundational belief of Trinity Yoga & Fitness Studios, Inc is that the philosophies and physical disciplines of yoga and core strength training transcend into all aspects of daily life, improving who we are as members of the community and as a member of humanity.  Trinity Yoga & Fitness is devoted towards safely guiding students through the process of self exploration and the discovery of total mind-body fitness and wellness, which will enhance and ensure quality and longevity of life.​

  • We Are Your Boutique Neighborhood Studio~ Not a Corporation or a Chain

  • Minutes Away From Home, Saving Time & Gas

  • Walk if You Can, Better for your Mind, Better for your Body, Better for the Environment

  • Maximum of 30 Students in the Class; You Won't Get Lost in the Crowd Here

  • Sally Learns How Your Body Moves

  • She Creates Classes to Help Alleviate Discomforts of the Day and Chronic Issues

The Studio ~ Our Brick & Mortar Location is in Limbo Due to Covid. Practice Virtually.

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