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Trinity’s Blended Practice
A Peaceful and Energizing Blend
At Trinity Yoga & Fitness Studios, Inc
We abandon the “cardio-like” approach and embrace the true meaning of Vinyasa
 Vi         ~ in a special way
Nyasa ~ to place; by way of the breath

A "Bridge" between Trinity's Shanti Flow and Trinity's Shakti Flow

In this class we flow from one asana to the next.  This class blends our peaceful moving Shanti practice with our energizing Shakti practice.
Learn how our breath can be a bridge of connection as we link one asana to another.  Rather than conforming our yoga practice to match the fast pace of society, we embrace the discipline of yoga to slow down and observe, thereby bringing ourselves back into the natural flowing rhythm and harmony within.
A practice with just enough warm up to enhance our flexibility and range of motion, just enough flow and intensity to build our core strength and enough cool down to relax the body and mind. With blissful intention and respect for the body we will practice a combination of seated, kneeling, standing. balancing and reclining postures. This class is one step down from Shakti Flow.
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