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Trinity's Chair Yoga
For Seniors or Post Injury 
Movement is life, and yoga is the fountain of youth.  With the assistance of chairs, blocks and straps our yoga practice will help us keep "ailments at bay" slowing down the aging process, leaving us feeling more youthful and vibrant.  It is never too late to change and improve the health of the body.  A regular yoga practice helps to reduce the progression of chronic discomforts, creating ease of movement and reduction of stiffness.  We will feel an increase in our energy as we improve our posture, strengthen our spine, arms and legs. While we are at it we will also learn a few meditation techniques to help nourish, overcome and soothe.
This class will help seniors continue to perform activities of daily living with ease, establish functional capacity for independent living and help maintain quality of life with dignity and independence.  Leave with a renewed sense of liberation, rejuvenation, zest for life and new friends.
Various yoga poses will help enhance our neuromuscular coordination, preventing "fall risk" which helps rekindle confidence in our ability to participate in the hobbies we've always enjoyed.
Good for those Recovering from Surgery
Have an injury and still want to practice?
This Chair
Is for You!
Reservations Required
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