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Trinity’s Shakti  Practice
An Energizing Practice
  Sundays 9:00am
At Trinity Yoga & Fitness Studios, Inc
We abandon the “cardio-like” approach and embrace the true meaning of Vinyasa
 Vi         ~ in a special way
Nyasa ~ to place; by way of breath

An Adult Yoga Practice

Our Shakti Flow class is an active practice which helps us release our restlessness allowing the reintegration of mind, body and spirit. Without compromising our alignment as a fast cardio-like approach would, time is still given to allow the asana to come into the body rather than force the body into asana rapidly.  This time allows us to observe and become aware of our physical, emotional, mental and energy body.  We have time to observe any restrictions as well as any openings of our body, our thoughts, our personality traits, characteristics and tendencies that come up while in asana. This allows us to recognize our barriers, breath into and through them, thereby creating open pathways. We are then able to apply what we learn on the mat to life off the mat, enriching and transforming our lives and behavior in a positive way.  
A moderate to very active flowing and lyrical practice.  Enjoy Trinity's twist on vinyasa flow as we move through a whole range of asana with and without binds, pranayama and bandhas . With the intention of not going too fast, this positively energizing practice still allows time in asana to actually realize what the asana is teaching us about our bodies, our minds, our spirit.  Discover yet another path towards experiencing union with self. 
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