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Trinity's Go With the Flow Practice
 Yoga For All
A Mild to Moderate Practice
A practice with just enough warm up to enhance our flexibility and range of motion, just enough flow and intensity to build our core strength and enough cool down to relax the body and mind. With blissful intention and respect for the body we will practice a combination of seated, kneeling, standing. balancing and reclining postures.
This class is one step down from Vinyasa & Shakti Flow and similar to the Blended Practice and Yoga for All Practice in its level of intensity.  A great multi level class.
Sequences will integrate sun salutations, and a range of balancing, standing and reclining asanas.  The practice will encourage equal attention to strength and flexibility, flow of movement and stillness, the postures and the transitions between them.
Shoulder stand in yoga class
Prenatal Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga
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