COVID-Waiting & Entrance Instructions - RED TIER -  9 SPOTS AVAILABLE

1. Mask Up In Car

Gather your few belongings that fit in one small or medium bag, including your strap, blocks, blanket and yoga mat. KISS: Keep it Simple & Small

Use Restroom at Home. Wear layers as our studio doors will be open during practice.

* Don your mask in car • You are Responsible to Maintain 6 foot distancing.

I call it "Doing the COVID Dance." Silence or turn off Cell Phone.

Man with Mask


Entry permitted with Normal Temp & Mask Remove shoes • Go strait to designated yoga spotKeep all belongings including shoes in one small or medium bag by your mat. You've reached the zen zone. We follow city and state guidelines to keep us Safe and IN PERSON. 

You are Responsible to Maintain 6 foot distancing. "Do the COVID Dance."

Yoga Class

2. Line Up Behind Markers

Walk To the street entrance of building. Que up behind distance markers on sidewalk 10 min before class. NO LATE ENTRY.

Wait To be called to doormat for Temp Check

We Reserve the Right To Send Home If Observe Symptoms of Illness.

One Way Entry @ Street Entrance

One Way Exit to Parking Lot 

People with Masks

4.   •  TIME TO OM  •


Mask Up & Over Nose at ALL Times. If you need a "break" a "sneeze" or a "cough" step out to the back. Exit through door at back of building

Exercise patient physical distancing WHILE exiting  BOOK your Next Practice ASAP. Only 9 Spots Available for In Person Practices. 

Safe Workout